AMA with Alex Migitko — CEO/Co-Founder


- 17/08/2022

AMA with Alex Migitko

Alex Migitko is CEO/Co-Founder and has 17+ years of experience in IT industry with 10+ years in game development. He joined the Web3 community in 2016 and has worked in online gaming, blockchain development and complex payment solutions.

Aleksei Migitko

We asked Alex to answer the questions from our community on the topics related to platform and Web3 in general.

Read on to find out more.

1. When will the Public Beta testing of the platform be available?

Currently we are thoroughly testing the platform with selected partners. We want to remove all major problems and frictions before giving access to the major audience, but we’ll keep you updated regarding the progress and also share some testimonials from the private tests.

2. Will there be devnet testing for community members or the platform?

There will be Public Beta on the devnet for sure. We have enough experience in development to know that products tend to act differently within closed and open environments, and this is a quite sophisticated one so we want to make sure we test it out properly. That’s why we are doing all the stages — internal tests, private beta, public beta, and only then main net.

3. When is the official Public launch of the platform planned?

Right after we are done with the devnet beta, which we are not planning to keep for too long, few weeks approximately.

4. How do you plan to promote the platform and get people onboard?

There are several channels we are using. First of all, we are in contact with various existing DAOs looking for tools; as well as VCs and other entities that might want to use such a platform; and gaming guilds. Some of these were involved in the Private Beta testing and have given us positive feedback.

Also, we are working on the marketing strategy details where we will have several channels from direct promotion to, for example, the Unique Academy that will be focused on educating people about the platform and DAOs in general.

5. What can I use UNQ token for?

UNQ token is a utility token for your platform and it will be used for staking, governance, and discount on fees.

6. Why did you choose to build your platform on Solana ecosystem?

We have put a lot of time in deciding on top of which blockchain to build our platform. We needed something that would be powerful, secure and flexible enough in order to support all the use cases we had imagined while making sure we are not pricing the people out. We have therefore decided to try Solana because it fits those criteria. We continued using it because of the amazing ecosystem, community and the Solana team.

7. How does platform for DAO creation differentiate in the market?

One of our main differentiators is flexibility. We don’t believe there are two completely similar organizations. Each organization needs different things, tools and features throughout the course of its existence. Our goal is to support all of them — from small groups of friends, startups, to VCs and corporations, at all stages of their life.

8. In your opinion, in what stage is the current DAO market? How do you see its future evolution?

We are still in a super early stage, but potentially, DAOs are the next big thing in blockchain. I believe that on-chain organizations are actually the most prominent use case for the technology, and we will see a lot of progress in that areas in the next several years. It might not be as much about decentralization, but more about management and operational efficiency which blockchain can offer on a completely different level, and that’s something we want to embrace.

9. What is the greatest barrier in creating an efficient and successful DAO? How do you plan to solve it?

The biggest problem that we see — also due to the private tests — is defining how to manage the DAO. You want to be decentralized, but also fast, you want democracy, but also efficiency, you want transparency but also a certain level of privacy. Finding the perfect combination of those things is difficult and we believe, again, there is no universal recipe out there. Our goal is to provide people with all the tools to experiment and figure out what’s best for them.

10. How is the current collapse of the crypto market influencing the DAO evolution? Will it leave an impact?

Definitely. Every major crisis reshapes the industry in which it happened, all aspects of it. I believe this one will accelerate the development of DAOs in a meaningful way. People will realize that DAOs are not just about voting, but also about providing a space for provable execution of very different things, efficient leadership, and overall management of on-chain organizations.

11. Is Web3 close to being self-sustainable?

I think we still have a very long road ahead of us, and sustainability will come from one of the two sources — either we manage to integrate it with the rest of the world, or create our own “meta verse” that doesn’t really intersect with the traditional world. It’s hard to say which option will win, but it’s pretty exciting to observe the development of it.

We thank Alex for his time and the valuable knowledge he shared. Stay tuned for more updates on the development of our platform!

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