DAOs Are Changing Everything



- 26/08/2022

DAOs Are Changing Everything

You probably heard a lot of rich investors saying: “Don’t work for money! Make money work for you instead!”. This indeed seems to be a clever piece of advice and it does pay out if the amount of money is big. It goes without saying – the more money you have, the easier it is to make even more! All you have to do is find good opportunities and if you invest a lot, even small returns will be significant.

However… is this piece of advice available for every single individual? How well can you make money work for you if you only operate with a fraction of the capital, like 90% of the world population does?

Up until this point, the investment climate was an exclusive environment which only the wealthy could join and benefit from. But this is changing. Fortunately, today we are witnessing one of the most radical economic disruptions in history. DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) are opening a new investment dimension which literally everybody can join to invest and earn money in innovative ways with Web3, blockchain, crypto and other digital assets. Read on to understand more about the economic impact of DAOs.

DAOs – The Business Structures of the Future

The way we make money is changing because the way we work also does. In all honesty, if all you have is a monthly salary, even with a high-paying job it will be very hard to save enough so that you build capital that can be used for traditional investment: stocks, hedge funds or banking investment. With more traditional investment mediums, the entry price is high, returns are marginal and the timeframe for cashing in returns is usually year-long.

But today, the blockchain-based Web3 space is offering everybody new investment opportunities in the form of DAOs, DeFi (decentralized finance), play-to-earn games, NFTs, crypto and many more. In this virtual space, you can join DAOs and pool funds with other users from around the world, in a pursuit of a common vision that will make your collective investment stronger and more efficient. DAOs represent a new breed of organizations that put people first and offer investment possibilities that were not present years ago. Read more about What Makes Digital Investment Unique? Let’s get into more detail about how DAOs are changing the world!

How DAOs Are Changing Investment

When you invest within a DAO, you are basically pooling funds with large groups of users from all over the world. You don’t have to know those people in person nor do you have to be in the same room with them, all you need is a common vision and purpose. 

Investing within a collective on platforms like Unique.vc means you can allocate as much time as you want and as much capital as you have. You don’t need to spend 40 hours a week in order to earn money and make a profit. Why? Because DAOs are huge organizations that can efficiently leverage the effort and money of so many people, acting as a single big investment organism.

Let’s get into more detail. Perhaps most people are used to a pyramidal decision-making hierarchy, where most arrangements are made by the top executives. DAOs are changing this by giving everybody a voice. As a member, you can vote on existing proposals or propose other investment that leads you to the entire community. Funds are managed securely with the MultiSig wallet and are deposited and secured on-chain for maximum transparency.

Moreover, a big advantage is that instead of waiting for opportunities to come your way, you can be proactive and find good investments yourself. With Web3, you can choose something that represents you and something that you understand. You are free to join one or several DAOs and invest according to your passion and what you are interested in. Read more about DAOs & The Economic Disruption.

DAOs – The Next Big Trend In Investment

Collective investment is not something new. In fact, it first gained traction at the end of the 18th century. Read more about The Rich History of Investment Funds. However, today DAOs are becoming increasingly popular and that is because they bring so many good things:

  • An inclusive economic space where everybody can invest freely, regardless of their background.
  • Flexible working schedule according to your preference, as opposed to the fixed 40-hour a week system. You can spend as much time as you want, with as many DAOs as you are interested in.
  • More decision-making power – you can get involved as much as you want, nobody is forcing your hand with anything. You can only invest in the proposals that you are confident in or propose opportunities yourself.
  • You can work from anywhere, regardless of place and time zone. DAOs are organizations that work around the clock, with members from all over the world and are designed with flexibility in mind. 

Joining or founding an investment club on the recently established Solana-based Unique.vc dApp is simple and fast. Get familiar with it and make the most out of your web3 investments.

How to Invest within DAOs & Web3?

Have you sorted out your investment plans for the future? Don’t let the current bear market put you off! Bear markets are periods when smart investors buy assets because the low prices favor acquisition. As we speak, numerous DAOs around the world are planning their next steps. People are gathering in large numbers, pooling funds and knowledge so that they can make the best decisions together. Will you be a part of the biggest investment innovation in recent times?

Take your time to learn what DAOs are and how big the potential of crypto, NFTs and other digital assets is. On Unique.vc’s Learning Center you will find a lot of educational content that is meant to put you in the right mind-frame. Just know that investment is changing and in this new space – there is room for everybody. Get familiar with the Web3 domain and when you feel confident, take the step and join an investment group on Unique.vc. Or perhaps, if you are a more experienced investor, found an investment vehicle yourself.

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