Discussion and Withdrawal Proposal Guide



- 15/09/2022

Discussion and Withdrawal Proposal Guide

We have designed three types of proposals club founders and managers can create in order to support the needs of their clubs.

Create a new proposal by clicking on the ‘Create proposal’ button in your club’s dashboard.

Create a proposal

Once you click on it, a proposal creation pop up will appear as seen below:

Proposal types

Choose the type of proposal you want to create and click on the ‘Next step’.

Discussion Proposal

A discussion proposal can be created both by the club’s founder and the club’s manager.

In role-based and NFT-based clubs, it can be created even if the fundraiser is still active.

To create one, you will need to insert the following information:

  • Proposal title and description
  • External disucssion URL – if there is one

Discussion proposal

You will also see the Max voting time set in the club creation process.

After filling out the necessary information, you can click on the ‘Create proposal’ button and your proposal will be visible in the club’s dashboard as seen below:

Example of a discussion proposal

All of the club’s members will be able to either accept or reject the proposal. You as the club’s founder can also veto any proposal that has not yet reached the approval quorum.

Withdrawal Proposal

A withdrawal proposal can only be created the club’s founder.

Enter the following information in order to create your proposal:

  • Proposal title and description
  • Amount to be withdrawn
  • External discussion URL – if there is one

Withdrawal proposal

You will also be able to see the Max voting time set in the club creation process.

Click on the ‘Create proposal’ button and your proposal will be created and visible on your club’s dashboard.

In case you want to create a trading proposal, check out our Trading Guide here.

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