Investing in Web3 — The Digital Financial Revolution


- 17/08/2022

Investing in Web3

Let’s face it… the current Internet is in no shortage of setbacks and questionable practices. The Web 2.0 brought a lot of good things to the table and paved the way for expansion, but soon enough after the “.com” bubble, we began to understand where the Internet is leaking and could be improved. First — today, the internet is a rather centralized network, with a handful of tech giants controlling most of what we do. Second — the ongoing monetization of our data has reached questionable proportions and practices. And not least — the ever present subscription based business model that implies fees for our participation is serving rather corporations than users.

Wouldn’t it be great if our involvement would earn us money instead? How about getting paid in exchange for your data and benefiting from a truly decentralized and secure internet where everybody IS the network and no single authority has the power to decide upon the rest. The blockchain based Web3 offers not only that, but also investment opportunities never before seen. Despite the current bear market that will at some point fade and leave room for more optimism, we are living in the golden age of investment.

Never in the history of humanity was it easier and more productive to invest and trade. Crypto and NFTs offer leverage and opportunities that can not be found in the stocks, commodities and forex markets. How to get involved in the digital financial revolution? What are the steps to become an investor in the Web3 space? Let’s talk about it and see how you can tap the potential of the New Internet.

Getting Started in the New Internet

Essentially, investing in Web3 means getting involved in a major technological evolution. An evolution so big, it can only be compared to a handful others throughout history. The 4th technological revolution happening now allows anybody to venture for crypto and NFTs in an investment medium where everything is instant and within reach. We might take it for granted, but it wasn’t always the same.

Individual investors can buy crypto, or collect and trade NFTs as simple as they would buy coffee. Moreover, the Metaverse is now offering unique monetization possibilities, where your participation and creativity earn you your money back. Several metaverse platforms have grown into huge economic societies where people are playing and earning according to their terms. But in the already vast Web3 space, not everything will prove to be a valuable investment. In fact, getting started with your digital venture can be confusing.

It can be hard to choose between so many tokens, projects and exchanges. Fortunately, there are great opportunities for individual investors to join on-chain venture clubs, pool money together and benefit from the knowledge and experience of several other investors.

On platforms like Unique Venture Clubs, you can quickly and securely pool resources together and with customizable governance options, your club can become a lucrative and profitable collective in the world of crypto and NFTs.

Web3 Investment Best Practices

Investment clubs are not something new. However, with the advancement of platforms like the Solana based Unique Venture Clubs, collective investment has become more agile, secure and performant. Why? Because the innovative dApp offers unique governance models, transparency in running the treasury and flexible voting configurations.

If you want to venture into Web3, a good point to start is to look for an investment club that suits your needs. You might want to hold and trade crypto, NFTs or a mix of both. The important thing is to choose something that represents you and matches your interests. Here are the steps to help you get involved in Venture Clubs:

  • Open an account on and connect your Solana wallet.
  • Browse through the clubs and find the ones that best match your interest. All the information on the clubs’ governance and voting configurations will be visible to you.
  • Apply for membership in the clubs you like and sign the transaction once you’ve been approved to join.
  • Or, create your own club and become the club’s founder. You will be the person in charge of most important decisions.
  • Set up the voting and governance configurations and invite members to join your club. Make sure to add a good club description and set up the configurations properly.
  • Start the fundraising and raise some funds with your members so you can start the club’s activity.
  • Create the first proposal and let your members vote based on their voting rights.
  • Execute the proposal once it’s been accepted and you have successfully entered the Web3 world.

Things To Keep In Mind

If you want to join a club, find one that has enough experience and a profitable track record. Most venture clubs in the form of DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) have a public profile and you can find out a lot about them prior to joining. Take your time to learn about the people behind the club. Here — transparency is key. Always aim for collectives with reputable leaders that have nothing to hide.

It’s always a good idea to join the community and exchange ideas with the people involved. Get a feel of the collective. Ask questions, be curious and try to understand where the club is heading investment-wise. How about the actual investment? Plan your steps accordingly. Will you be applying a dollar-cost average (DCA) type of investment? A system where you keep investing small amounts of capital every week and build bigger and bigger positions in time. Or perhaps you will enter the club with a bigger amount looking for quick profits.

You can also join multiple clubs simultaneously, and this can prove to be a smart move. With all clubs, funds are managed in a secure and transparent way. Nobody can run away with the capital as the treasury is protected by the Solana based encryption. Rules for all clubs are visible and on-chain secured.

Truth being told, being a part of a Web3 investment club is quite a unique endeavor. Sometimes things happen so fast that in a number of hours members from all over the world manage to pool money together and include a valuable NFT in their portfolio. The good part is that there is strength in unity. With so many experienced investors contributing with funds and knowledge, the investment process becomes more lucrative. Performance becomes a team game and the resources the club gathers can access bigger investments that are out of reach for individuals.

Why Web3?

Some of the biggest DAOs rival Wall Street hedge funds by their market cap. And that — with a fraction of the bureaucracy and no stiff processes involved. The democratization of investment comes in the digital form and offers everybody equal chances. This is the major paradigm shift. This, together with the innovative tools that platforms like Unique Venture Clubs push forward, making digital ventures simple and performant. Getting started in Web3 investment is just the beginning. The real challenge is to keep moving forward. For that you need innovation, performant tools and partners who know what they’re doing. Choose something that represents you. Choose something you understand.

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