Onboarding a DAO – The Journey to Collective Investment



- 15/09/2022

Onboarding a DAO

Did you know that Web3 investment is currently one of the biggest driving factors of global crypto adoption? Moreover, DAOs are disrupting the economy as we know it, essentially changing the way money is moving. The distributed decision making process allows for a transparent and streamlined investment, favoring people all over the world, regardless of their profile and background. Investing in Web3 does indeed come with a set of advantages that traditional investment does not offer. 

In this article, we will take a closer look at the onboarding process within a DAO. How can you actually join or found a venture club and start investing in Web3? What are the things that you should look after? How does the process work out? Read on to understand how simple and fast the DAO onboarding process is.

DAO Onboarding Process

Onboarding a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) is definitely easier and faster than it is with more traditional forms of investing (hedge funds, banking investment). There are some important things you need to consider prior to joining a venture club. 

The good thing about digital investment is that you can find something that truly represents you. If you know what you want to achieve, then you can find an investment club that gravitates around that.

Upon joining a DAO you should:

  • Conduct research and find a club that suits your investor profile. You might be interested in NFTs and Metaverse play-to-earn games. Or more broadly, you just want to hold a solid portfolio of crypto assets. There are various clubs with different profiles – from NFT collector clubs, all the way to DeFi organizations and gaming guilds.

  • Get familiar with the club’s investment history and interests. Understand where the organization is going and what milestones are lined up for the future. 

  • Figure out how you can contribute. What role will best suit you? Depending on your expertise and interest, you could potentially be a member, or have a bigger role with an impact on governance and treasury management.

  • Join the club’s community and reach out to members in the Discord and Telegram groups. Try to get a feel of the collective and establish real connections with your fellow investors. Afterall, you are all a big team moving forward with the same purpose.

Depending on each club, there might be a 1-on-1 call with the club’s manager, as an opportunity to get to know each other and discuss more about your common interests. Also, most clubs come with a member’s directory and working group structure. This is helpful in understanding how the club works in achieving its goals. 

Founding a DAO

What if you are a more experienced investor or simply want to pursue your own vision and start a venture club yourself? The process of opening a DAO is just as simple as joining one. However, there are a few different things that you need to sort out.

You can opt for both an open or closed club, depending on how selective you want to be with the members. An open club can be accessed by any potential investor, but they will still need to be accepted by the founders in order to join. In the case of closed clubs, although visible, people cannot apply for joining. Investors will be able to become members only with an invitation. 

Next, you will need to provide the club’s name and description, as well as adequate tags that will help your club be discovered by fellow investors with the same common goal. 

As the club’s founder, it will be up to you to determine the governance structure. Depending on your strategy, you can opt for deposit-based configuration as well as role-based and NFT-based structures. Moving on, you will also have to set up the role configuration and determine the voting power of everybody involved. Take a moment to envision the structure and the journey of your club. How will it be best managed and steered forward for success? A good idea might be to choose a simple but efficient governance structure. Of course – this is in close relation with what other investors will join you, so perhaps you can first gather a core management team before deciding on how to govern the club.

The Journey to Digital Investment

As you can see, joining and founding a club is fast and easy. The onboarding process is generally straightforward and simply structured so that you can get involved immediately with what you are looking for. Simply put – investing with a DAO is more about the investment itself rather than the procedures. This way you can focus on what is important to you.

The investment space is rapidly changing and people are finding better ways of working together. The decentralized future is now allowing creators, owners, investors and collectors to pool funds and invest with speed and accessibility never seen before.

One of the best things this new form of digital investment brings is the accessibility for everybody to join, regardless of the geographical location and profile. Beyond that, on platforms like the Solana-based Unique.vc you also benefit from a safe and secure investment. Every club is blockchain encrypted, allowing for transparent treasury management and seamless voting process. 

Let us ask you this: How are you spending the current bear market? Remember – most previous recessions were followed by substantial growth periods and bull markets. Currently, it might be hard to observe, but the digital investment space is moving forward. Smart money never sleeps and sharp investors know that bear markets are big opportunities to buy assets at a favorable price. 

Join Unique Venture Club’s Discord and Telegram channels to be a part of a thriving community driven by a common purpose – to offer the best of Web3 and digital investment opportunities. If you feel confident you want to start your new investment adventure, join or found a club on the Unique.vc platform and be a part of the blockchain financial revolution.

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