Unique Venture Clubs



- 17/08/2022

Unique Venture Clubs

Unique Venture Clubs (Unique.vc) is a Solana-based platform that allows people to quickly and securely pool resources, establish customizable on-chain governance structures and collectively own assets without knowing a single line of code.

Our vision is to democratize investing and asset management by creating strong self-governed communities with common financial goals.

Value Proposition

The platform allows its users to create or join existing Venture Clubs in order to benefit from the collective pool of funds, expertise and decentralized decision making.

Here are some of the reasons to join Unique.vc platform:

  • Fast and simple club creation
  • No coding knowledge required
  • Fully customizable and configurable settings
  • Multiple governance models to choose from
  • Execution of financial proposals available

We are highly motivated to offer our users a platform that would allow them to make the most out of decentralization and Web3 tools in a user-friendly way.

Who is Unique.vc for?

Unique.vc platform can support different investment objectives and the flexibility of it makes it suitable for various use cases.

It can be of use to:

  • Individuals coming together to invest and manage assets
  • Centralized/decentralized organizations looking for an advanced investment tool
  • Venture capital funds
  • Projects looking to raise capital collectively
  • Traders looking to crowdfund

Today, investing doesn’t have to be a solo, one man’s effort. By becoming a member of a Venture Club, individuals can pool their resources, focus their efforts, and access larger investments by making better decisions in a decentralized way. Similar to investing in a hedge fund that regularly generates profits, joining a venture club can be a lucrative kind of passive income.

Key Ideas Behind

Our goal is to provide a flexible platform where users can create and manage web3 investment clubs of any type, and elevate their investment portfolios.

These are the key ideas behind the process of developing our platform:

  • Organizations should be operationally efficient first and foremost. When developing a feature, we will always choose operational efficiency over other options.
  • Understanding compliance. Not only the present landscape, but what it may look like years from now. This is at the forefront of our business model and we are building our platform accordingly.
  • Thinking strategically long term. We believe that a large-scale transition to on-chain activities is inevitable, but there is still a long way to go. We are actively following the blockchain evolution and intend to provide tools that are needed today, a year from now and in a decade.
  • Prioritizing security. Operational efficiency should never compromise security. We are providing tools that will allow people to transition from the ‘paper-and-notary’ system to a fully on-chain one. This will save a lot of time and energy for the users.

By being blockchain native, Unique.vc platform represents a safe investment space that protects clubs from hacks, malign asset manipulation and other liabilities.

We are highly motivated to meet your expectations and are open to receiving specific requests. We applaud creative thinking and encourage unique club structures.

Follow our social media and stay tuned because there’s a lot coming!

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