What Makes Digital Investment Unique?



- 17/08/2022

What Makes Digital Investment Unique?

It was time for a better investment medium in the blockchain field. A place for growth and opportunity, driven by innovation and accessibility, where investors can streamline operations and manage their venture club in a unique and efficient way.

With Unique Venture Clubs, on-chain digital investment has found a native space. Creating, joining and running a collective investment club is now entering the meta phase. Stay wired to Web3, crypto and blockchain products and find out how you can take advantage. Discover the platform channeling one of today’s most streamlined investment experiences!

A Unique Infrastructure for Digital Assets

Fortunately, these days investors and traders don’t have to spend their time on the stock exchange floors anymore. “The Pit” — as it was called by connoisseurs, was a noisy and agitated place where people would shout at each other, trying to commit to trades and execute in a timely fashion. If anything, the exchange floors looked like chaos rather than a place for sharp business.

But today you have the opportunity of investing freely regardless of time and space. You can do it alone or together with an investment club in the form of a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization).

Unique Venture Clubs is opening the gateway to Web3, NFTs and crypto, empowering digital investors with ground-breaking tools and accessibility. Safeguarding operations and security so that you can focus on the next opportunity. Let’s find out how smart investors can integrate and benefit with Unique Venture Clubs.

Seamless Investing Configured to Your Needs

How exactly is digital investment making a difference? And why is this important for you? Unique Venture Clubs offers an accessible no-code platform that will protect and foster your investment collective, providing ground-breaking tools to advance your venture. The platform offers great flexibility and can facilitate digital investment for various organizations and independent investors alike:

  • Individuals — Independent investors coming together to invest and manage digital assets. Both beginners and pros can accelerate their investment efforts and harness the tools and features of the platform.
  • Centralized or decentralized organizations looking for an advanced investment tool — DAOs or CAOs who want to avoid the risks and drawbacks of acting independently.
  • Venture capital funds — Established organizations in search for a better, more secure investment framework.
  • Projects looking to raise capital collectively — A safe, fast and simple way for raising funds.
  • Traders looking to crowdfund.

Several governance models are available on the platform:

  • Deposit-based — Established on the existing token (SOL — for now). Every club member will get votes based on the number of tokens they deposit to the club’s treasury. The maximum number of votes equates to the amount of money raised during the fundraising stage.
  • Role-based — Every member within the club will have a predefined number of votes depending on their role. This can be established by the club founder. The total number of votes equals a cumulative number of members multiplied by the number of members per each role type.
  • NFT based — Based on an existing NFT collection. One NFT from the collection represents 1 vote. Anyone can open an NFT-based club for any collection, even if they do not own an NFT from that collection.

What about finances? Asset management functions such as profit sharing, dividend distribution and treasury allocation can be managed through the rules set by club founders and managers. Being on-chain encrypted, financial proposals are automatically executed as they come into effect. Moreover, your treasury denominating currency can be set to USDC, SOL or other tokens as well.

One important aspect is that financial rights within a club are gained through deposits made during the fundraising stage and they represent members’ ownership stake in the treasury.

A Day In the Life of a Digital Investor

To better soak in all of the above, let’s see what that actually means by running through a couple of case scenarios. Imagine you have been closely following certain digital assets for a while: perhaps some collectible NFTs or a crypto token that you think will bring much value and are must haves in your portfolio. As a founder or manager, you access your venture club established on-chain with the Unique Venture Clubs platform and you quickly cast a vote with the club’s members. Time is of essence, so you need to act fast – configure the club in a way that certain decisions can be made without waiting for everyone to vote.

In the meanwhile, together with your fellow investor members, you use the Unique Venture Clubs platform to debate, share information and weigh in on the decision. You take advantage of the platform’s innovative dashboard and tools for visualizing and mapping out your investment. Once the minimum number of votes is met and the decentralized voting process ends, those assets are instantly acquired and are now sitting in your club’s treasury.

Or perhaps you are part of an online gaming guild where all members have equal rights. You and your buddies have been ripping it lately and your clan is now having quite a lot of valuable items in the inventory. Some members cast a vote in regards to the selling of a sword or shield — valuable in-game assets in the form of NFTs. But you know better and you would rather buy more land instead (in-game real estate). You think this will bring more leverage to your virtual Web3 collective and will pay out later on. To pursue your fellow members, you make use of Unique Venture Club’s platform features to support your cause. Infographics and performant tools are inspiring all members to visualize the implications. Transparent access to the club’s treasury is helping everybody keep an eye on the finances and make the right decisions. Hours later, the vote you initiated ends with the entire team deciding to follow your initiative. In just a few hours, you have managed to scout, analyze, publicly debate and make a great investment decision.

In sync with fellow investors from all over the world, your venture club can move as one and become a vehicle for digital value. The simple and efficient decentralized process is pushing investment to the speed of thought.

Unique Venture Clubs — The Essential Investment dApp

Digital investment is not 10 people sitting in a board meeting looking at a flipchart. Efficient modern venturers can gather in one club and pool funds together so that they can access more value and bigger investments. When time is a factor and opportunity is on the table, it’s important to have the best tools and features to help you make the right decision. With Unique Venture Clubs, your collective investment can harness the best of Web3 and blockchain value:

  • Funds on-chain — money is being kept in the club’s treasury in a secure, blockchain encrypted and transparent way. No one single person can impact the budget. Spending decisions are being taken collectively in a decentralized way.
  • Voting on-chain — while most platforms do the voting off-chain using Discord / Telegram groups, Unique Venture Clubs offers a Solana based voting process that is fast, safe and cost efficient.

The match between Unique Venture Clubs and Solana blockchain is a bliss for smart investors. With the Solana Program Library (SPL) governance users can access the best of decentralized digital investment while also having a platform that offers security, accessibility and speed for all investment operations.

Going forward, investing in digital assets needs better practices and higher standards. Speed, safety and performance are essential for the process and are not up for debate.

While the current market outlook could use more optimism, we must learn to develop our investment for long term growth. Now is a good time to plan your next steps and acquire digital assets at a fraction of the cost. Join or create an investment club today and together with your fellow members, start looking for the next big opportunity. Use Unique Venture Club’s platform to structure and run your club and you will find out digital investment has just made the quantum leap. When the markets will start going up again, make sure you have the right partners, tools and assets by your side.

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